All information that you need to visit Waterfalls in Telangana

Telangana Waterfalls

With the monsoons coming in, the water bodies are receiving their quota of water inflows.

As we start wondering where during this pandemic can we visit in Telangana, here are some wonderful recommendations of water bodies / waterfalls that you can head to.

Embed below is a wonderful video by Telangana Tourism:

Sourcing information from Telangana Tourism, have got it together under one roof.

I am able to identify atleast 11 waterfalls in Telangana that you can plan over a long weekend covering multiple in the same area or day trips from Hyderabad.

List of waterfalls in Telangana

  1. Bogatha Waterfalls
  2. Kongala Waterfalls
  3. Mitte Waterfalls
  4. Pittaguda Waterfalls
  5. Yellama Kunta waterfalls
  6. Kuntala Waterfalls
  7. Pochera waterfalls
  8. Savathula Gundam waterfalls
  9. Gayathri waterfalls
  10. Pedda Gundam waterfalls
  11. Sabbitham waterfalls
  12. Mallela Thirtham waterfalls

Bogatha Waterfalls

Bogatha Waterfalls is around 300 KM’s from Hyderabad on the Hyderabad – Warangal – Mulugu highway.

Roads are under construction towards Warangal and has a mix of good and decent roads until the destination.

©️ Bogatha Waterfalls (Telangana forest Department • CC BY 3.0)

Unless you start very early in the morning, one day would not be sufficient for you to cover this destination.

You can plan it over a weekend and club Laknavaram, Ramappa Temple and local attractions in Warangal for a wholesome trip.

Recommended Route: Hyderabad – Bogatha Waterfalls – Kongala Waterfalls – Tadvai Huts – Laknavaram – Ramappa Temple- Warangal (Fort, Thousand Pillars Temple etc) – Hyderabad

Google Maps : Click here

Where to stay?

You could plan your stay at Laknavaram for the overnight stay at the TSTDC property at the lake.

Pro tip: you can stay at Tadvai Huts instead of Laknavaram and head over to Laknavaram in the morning for a comfortable journey and visiting all places of attraction.

Kongala Waterfalls

Kongala Waterfalls is just a little under 15 minutes of drive from Bogatha Waterfalls.

This waterfall is famous as V waterfalls among locals and is a 45 minute trek to this hidden treasure.

Google Maps: Click here

As I have already stated, please allocate a minimum of 3-4 hours for this wonderful waterfall as you start from Bogatha and to reach Tadvai or Laknavaram by evening.

©️ Kongala Waterfalls, Google search images

Mitte Waterfalls

Mitte Waterfalls is close to Pittaguda village in Adilabad at a distance of roughly 350 KM’s from Hyderabad.

This waterfall requires a small amount (2kms) of trek to the site.

Mitte Waterfalls ©️ Deccan Chronicle

Google Maps : Click here

Where to stay?

There are no stay options there and the nearest location is Kaddam or Nizamabad.

The road is all NH till Adilabad and would be a breeze to drive there in about 6.5 hours, so do start early in order to reach one of the town’s before sunset.

Pittaguda & Yellama Kunta Waterfalls

Note: Mitte, Pittaguda and Yellama Kunta Waterfalls are in close proximity and you could plan your trip in one go to these three waterfalls.

Carry abundant food and snacks as you may not find any options until you return back to Kaddam or Nizamabad.

Pittaguda Waterfalls

Kuntala Waterfalls

Kuntala is the jewel of all waterfalls available in Telangana and is around 270 KM’s from Hyderabad.

Nizamabad is the nearest town to stay if you plan a overnight trip to these waterfalls.

The road conditions are in excellent stage as this is a part of the NH connecting Nagpur.

You would find lot of eateries on the highway near Kuntala Waterfalls.

Google Maps : Click here

Kuntala Waterfalls, ©️ Telangana Tourism

Pochera Waterfalls

Situated at a distance of 260 KM’s from Hyderabad, Pochera can be clubbed with Kuntala Waterfalls.

Please carry adequate water and snacks.

Stay again can be planned in Kaddam at TSTDC property.

Road conditions are good with four lane NH connecting Hyderabad with Nagpur.

Google Maps : Click here

©️ Telangana Tourism

Savathula Gundem Waterfalls

Savathula Gundem Waterfalls is located close to Ramagundam and is around 330 KM’s from Hyderabad.

©️ Telangana Tourism

Road is a mix of good 4 lane to decent 2-lane until the destination.

Google Maps : Click here

There are no stay options around the waterfall and you can plan your night halt at Ramagundam.

Please carry adequate water and food with you. You would have small eateries on the highway.

Pedda Gundem Waterfalls

Pedda Gundem Waterfalls is around 260 KM’s from Hyderabad and is close to Nirmal.

Google Maps : Click here

The trip to this waterfall can be clubbed with Savathula Gundem Waterfalls.

Night stay can be planned at Nirmal.

Pedda Gundem Waterfalls, ©️ Telangana Tourism

Gayathri Waterfalls

Gayathri Waterfalls, ©️ Telangana Tourism

Another waterfall that you could visit on your trip towards Nirmal is Gayatri Waterfalls.

Located at around 270 kms from Hyderabad.

Google Maps : Click here

Nirmal is the nearest town for you to plan your stay and do carry snacks and water for consumption.

You would find small eateries along the NH leading to the place.

The road conditions is a mix of good NH road and decent 2 lane towards the village.

Sabbitham Waterfalls

Sabbitham waterfalls is located in Karimnagar district in Peddapalli Mandal.

A natural beauty to visit and taste the local cuisine available.

The waterfall is located in dense forest and is a delight and is on the Peddapalli-Manthani road.

Google link: Click here

Sabitam Waterfalls ©️ Govt of Telangana

Mallela Thirtham Waterfalls

Mallela Thirtham is located at around 185 KM’s from Hyderabad.

Situated in Nallamalla Forest, famous not just for the waterfall but the temple situated here.

Krishna river flows through the forest where the waterfall is situated.

You can club this trip with a round about plan as below:

Hyderabad – Mallela Thirtham Waterfalls – Stay (at Bairluty Jungle Camps) – Srisailam (Octopus viewpoint – Amrabad viewpoint) – Hyderabad

Mallela Thirtham Waterfalls ©️ Telangana Tourism

Google link: Click here

I could capture all information I could find on the internet to facilitate easy access to all waterfalls in the state.

Please share your thoughts and suggestions.

Best time to visit

Plan your trips between the last week of July to September.

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