Business Trip to Dublin

bridge under the blue sky

Dublin has a special place in my heart being the city which is closer to India.

Starting with the British who ruled both the countries as their colonies to the now Prime Minister of Ireland, we do have similarities.

Well coming to this trip, having completed business in Basel and set for Dublin for almost 10 days of strategy and business. All of my trips to Basel and Dublin would be on business for meetings.

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This was my third trip to Dublin and one area that pains me is I have not yet explored the wonderful places around Dublin.

Favourite place to stay in Dublin is Herbert Park, Ballsbridge 4, Dublin which has good rooms and a wonderful breakfast spread in the mornings.

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Executive Room, Herbert Park, Ballsbridge

The meetings were mostly productive in the day and we used to signoff anywhere between 5.00 – 5.30 pm to visit nearby places.

Having a colleague along would add to the fun factor here and we tried exploring the different restaurants around Indian cuisine though.

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Embassy Building beside the hotel
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View from my room# 430 (at a distance is Aviva Stadium)

Few steps away from the Herbert Park hotel were a couple of Indian restaurants. One was Jewel in the Crown, food here is okish and on the main road is another joint on the first floor by name Ravi’s Kitchen which noticing that we were from India helped us with a decent Indian taste and we actually loved the food here.

Below are the pictures from Jewel in Crown, Paneer (Cottage Cheese Balls) did not look fresh at all

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Below are pictures from Ravi’s Kitchen

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Of the two nearby restaurants, Ravi’s Kitchen emerged to be my choice for the rest of the stay.

Next on Day Two was the Temple Bar area which we did not want to miss even after this being my third trip to Dublin.

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Temple Bar, Dublin
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Temple Bar area is known for its lively crowd and bustling environment.

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Hardrock Cafe in the Temple Bar street
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A Horse carriage in the Templebar street
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The Dublin Trading Co. For souvenir shopping
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Cycle on rent – Bike stand in Dublin
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Deer’s painting on a box at Ballsbridge
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A pub across the street from Herbert Park

Public transport is the best in the Republic of Ireland and free WiFi is provided in the Irish City Bus.

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Due to peak traffic, Garda enforces traffic rules for various lanes in the city and the beauty is that every one follows them.

In the below picture the empty lane that you see to the extreme is the one reserved for public transport and cabs.

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A lovely mansion on out way to office which apparently is a hotel too
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O’Connell Street, Dublin

Over the next day, we wanted to visit the Dandrum Mall.This mall has something for everyone from signature shops to shops like Penney’s offering slightly discounted rates (like Reliance store in India).We took an entire evening to explore this place and buy a few gifts to take back home.

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Achievements of Ananda over the years

A signature Indian restaurant in Dandrum, the food taste was good, quantity was limited so you get to taste various dishes.

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Pics of the dishes we tasted at Ananda

After a lovely dinner we wanted some desert and tried ice cream at one of the kiosks in the mall and the taste was just awesome.

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After reaching back to the hotel, we wanted to take a walk in the dark in the Herbert Park before we call it a day.

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Herbert Park behind the hotel
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Weekend came in and we wanted to visit London, planning for which was all done while we were in Hyderabad. Ryan Air offers some decent deals for online booking and having this done and accommodation booked via AirBnB, we were all set.

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Having spent a wonderful time, was back on Sunday night to be back at office on Monday.

In the evening, we left a bit early to visit the Trinity College area.

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This was interesting beside Herbert Park hotel
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Irish Coffee at Old Punchbowl in Booters town, our favourite spot for finger food with team

On Tuesday, a few colleagues from Mexico went for a evening dinner before out departure on Wednesday…. Fish and Chips were ordered by my colleagues and I ordered vegetable burger.

After our dinner while waiting for the bus to head back to the hotel, we heard music and cheer and this made us walk towards Murray’s Bar in the O’Connell Street. What a place it was where we wanted to have a pit stop for 5-10 mins and we ended up being there for around 1-2 hours.

Live music and dance was wonderful that day and we thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

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Missed adding Guinness, the best Irish beer ever….

Murray’s plays traditional Irish Music on all seven days of the week…

All that is good have to come to an end and even this trip follows suit.

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Until I visit you again Dublin, bye 👋…… Will visit you soon again.

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