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Come August and if you are based in Hyderabad or visiting Hyderabad then this blog is for you.

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The implementation of the Penalty Point System shall come into effect from August 1.

The Government of Telangana issued a G.O Ms. No. 26, Dt.24-4-2017 of Transport, Roads & Buildings (Tr.I) Department which introduced the system of penalty points for the Traffic Violations under M.V. Act.
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According to Section 4 (i) of the G.O. Rule No. 4 & 5, at any point of time, if the cumulative tally of the penalty points accrued by a driver having a license exceeds the limit of 12points during the preceding block period of 24 months, his/her driving license shall be suspended for a period of one year from the date of accrual of twelve points.

On suspension of the driving license, the accrued penalty points shall cease to subsist.

The Section 4 (ii) says that if a person, whose license has been suspended and later revoked after completion of one year period under Rule 45-A(4)(i), again accrues 12 points subsequently, driving license of such person shall be suspended for a period of 2 years from the date of accrual of the said 12 points.

On further repetition of accumulation of 12 points every time, the driving license shall be suspended for a period of 3 years.

If a person holding a learner’s license accrues 5 points during the validity period of learner’s license, such learner’s license shall be cancelled forthwith. The person whose learner’s license has been cancelled shall be eligible for re-issue of fresh Learner’s License on production of a certificate of learning driving as prescribed from a recognized school or establishment.

This penalty points will be awarded to the violators with effect from August 1.

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A few recommendations from my side and feel free to add in comments:

  1. Follow traffic rules at all times of the day
  2. Follow lane discipline 
  3. Don’t honk continuously wait for the person in front to find a clear way to give way to you
  4. Always overtake where permitted from right side
  5. Use low beam during nights
  6. Always wear helmet and seatbelts as appropriate 
  7. Follow the speed limit at all times, remember Hawk Eye is watching you with camera all across the Hyderabad city in less than 1-1.5kms gap
  8. Don’t mix drinking and driving- Drive Sensible
  9. Don’t drive in wrong way it’s frustrating to see a person not following rules
  10. Don’t park at will in the middle of road or at footpaths to do a quick buy
  11. Help others have a pleasant drive
  12. Don’t suddenly change lanes without adequate warning or blinkers
  13. Always use blinkers

Updated: Official release by Hyderabad Traffic Police on their Facebook page 

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