Hyderabad Family Outing Series 3 – Kandlakoya Oxygen Park

Kandlakoya Oxygen Park, Hyderabad

Kandlakoya Oxygen Park

This weekend saw us plan a impromptu trip to Kandlakoya Oxygen Park in Hyderabad.

Park is situated on the Hyderabad – Medchal (Nizamabad highway) very close to the ORR exit.


Kandlakoya Oxygen Park Map
Kandlakoya Oxygen Park

The park opens at 0600 hrs until 1730 hrs in the evening and has a decent Aviary as well.

Parking fee of ₹20 is collected for each vehicle.

Kandlakoya Oxygen Park Timings and Ticket cost
Park timings and ticket prices

What to do at Kandlakoya Oxygen Park?

Kandlakoya Oxygen Park offers something for everyone right from adults to children in addition to abundance of greenery away from pollution.

There are well laid out tracks for walking, distance of around 3km – 3.5 km can be covered in one round of the park.

This is the second visit of mine with family, the first time I cycled my way and the staff allowed me to cycle inside as well.

img 0808

You can plan a half day outing with your family and spend either having food under the wonderful trees and spend sometime in nature or plan some games to keep yourself engaged in bigger groups.

The peripheral walking path measures 2.25kms and about 3mtrs in width. With numerous criss cross paths in between, you would easily cover 3-3.5 KM’s as I have shared earlier.

Walkway in Kandlakoya Oxygen Park

Kids will definitely love this place, attractions like a pond having huge tortoise sculpture, treehouse, outdoor classrooms, bird watching and zipline which is about 100 meters long will excite them.

Overall a good experience for a family, though you would bump into a few live birds, but nothing obscene and you can ignore their presence when with family / kids.

A few pictures from our trip:

Chowmahalla Palace

My experiences

  • The place is overall satisfactory with dustbins at various locations
  • There is lot of litter around with water bottles and covers lying behind trees
  • The Yoga shed was dirty and could be more clean for someone to meditate or do yoga
  • Visitors can be a bit sensible knowing families and children do visit this place as well
  • Ample parking is available for vehicles (both two and four wheelers)
  • Cycles are allowed inside the park and riders can use their cycles inside the premises

I would definitely recommend you to visit the Oxygen Park in the morning time for the best experience.

Until my next blogpost, this is Srikanth signing off. Do follow me on my social media channels and do share your thoughts and questions in comments box below.

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