Hall of Fame – Leh

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Hall of Fame – Leh

I could not hold myself from writing about the “Hall of Fame” which is very special and wanted to take this opportunity to share with you to plan your visit to this place during your Leh Trip.

“Hall of Fame” is not just a memorial or a place of attraction, it is a place which talks about the forces behind us having a peaceful time, about the conditions they work in, about the sacrifices these brave hearts make not caring about anything other than their “Motherland”.

How to Visit Hall of Fame

There is a nominal fees for you to pay to enter the “Hall of Fame” which is used by the armed forces to maintain the facility which is modestly priced at ₹25/person along with a an additional ₹50 for video cameras.

What to look for at the Hall of Fame

The “Hall of Fame” has four parts / areas that you need to visit, starting with –

Part ONE of Hall of Fame:

  1. Museum – Op Vijay which has the replicas of arms and ammunition used in the Kargil War
  2. Captures by the Indian Armed Forces during wars
  3. Dresses / Uniforms and the Conditions in which the Indian Army operates
  4. Letter(s) and various documents
  5. One of the major aspect that you need to observe here is the conditions of our armed forces working in the Siachen Glacier which is portrayed by their apparel and instruments used by the soldiers

Part TWO of Hall of Fame:

War Memorial where there is a Plaque for all the Brave Soldiers who have laid their lives fighting for the Motherland.

Part THREE of Hall of Fame:

Beating Retreat Ceremony which happens on all days starting at around 18:45 hrs for a duration of an hour which concludes with a documentary highlighting the war and sacrifices to the working conditions of the Siachen Units.

Part FOUR of Hall of Fame:

Part two of Hall of Fame, covers the gift shop which has varied variety of gifts to be purchased including caps, t-shirts etc.

Finally, this is something you should definitely not miss to learn more about the Brave Soldiers.

I will now let the pictures do the talking before I sign-off.

Beating Retreat Venue
Beating Retreat in Progress
Hall of Fame
Mountaineering Equipment
Hall of Fame Entrance
War Memorial
National Emblem of India

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4 responses to “Hall of Fame – Leh”

  1. Loved reading this! ❤️ It’s been a while since I visited Hall of Fame in Leh & Kargil Memorial in Drass. I read your post on the latter too. 😊 It’s very personal for me since my dad is featured in both museums as well. He was in charge of Batalik during the war. Leh & Kyari were home for me for a while too. So I have an emotional connect with Leh Ladakh. Your post brought back a lot of memories! 😊

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