Narsapur Forest – Lost to nowhere!!

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This is a latest trip planning gone wrong for all reasons but still have memories of a few captures…

All started with the long weekend a couple of weeks back when we (myself & a friend) decided on a trip to Laknavaram.

All set our first mis calculation was on the start time, starting around at 11a.m. we leisurely went over the ORR on our way to Laknavaram (Hyderabad – Jangoan – Warangal – Laknavaram) a total of around 250 kms from Hyderabad.

Google maps directed us towards a different Laknavaram and we were already leaning towards a late afternoon that we decided to head back to Hyderabad.

This was a good call and we landed up at a friend’s farmhouse near Dundigal in Hyderabad.

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Ordered food from a nearby Dhaba which overlooked the Airforce Academy in Duindigal.

We had some gossip over the evening and woke up at 6am to a beautiful sunrise and lovely farm.

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Had a great time and then we decided to head towards Narsapur Forest in Telangana state.

Had a good green cover, pleasant weather around. 

We spotted some birds, thick Forest cover at the forest.

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It was pleasant until we found a dilapidated  hut which we were hesitant to look at and a friend had a view which we will never forget. It was some kind of a tantrik act and if our senses were right, we just witnessed a black magic ritual remains that happened the previous night. Not adding any pictures here but the scene was gory.

We continued on our trek to find dilapidated buildings which predominantly were poultry farms abondoned.

Took a few pictures of our lovely nature before turning back to safety.

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The Narsapur Forest scared us for sure and might think twice to return.

A few clicks of the birds:

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A definite word of caution: Be careful while the forest looks calm and silent it hides many untold stories within itself far away from the common eyes. Beware!

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