Micro-Breweries in Hyderabad – Part I

Hyderabad is starting to slowly catch-up with the Micro Brewery culture and recently I had an opportunity to visit a couple as a part of my team dinner..

While there would be more breweries to taste and visit below are the ones i could explore in the last few months and starting with me part one of the review.

The two breweries I visited were TheHoppery by Olive Bistro and OTM Brew.

The Hoppery, Olive Bistro, Jubilee Hills

Starting with The Hoppery, this brewery is located at Olive Bistro which is by Durgam Cheruvu and has good view in the evening.

Hoppery brews in small quantities and keeps a stock of the brews on their stock board.

Hoppery opens in the afternoon until around 11pm.

Their brews are unique with options to select from Regular, Half Yard, Boot Mug.

Brews here are – Hop Notch, Copperhead, White Spice, HyderaBrew made from a local Hyderabad available herb / root.

What I particularly liked was the White Spice very mild in taste but was yum to drink.

Boot Mug

The ambience and the music was lovely…

Irish Cream

Food @ Olive Bistro

The food was good with us ordering the Chargrilled Spiced Potato in the Veg part and almost all of the non-veg dishes on the menu.

Food was tasty and good and had that “I would wanna Order another platter” taste in them.

Having reached the venue around 5ish, we were there until around 10.30pm having our drinks and food.

The Hoppery has great ambience, good drinks and food, what we missed was live music and however songs which were played were good.

The overall experience has been good with seating both inside and outside The Hoppery.

OTM Brew, Gachibowli

Coming to the OTM Brew, this is located very close to the Gachibowli cross roads beside the flyover.

A new entrant in the block is an extension of the Over the Moon Brewery at Hotel Daspalla, Jubilee hills, Hyderabad.

OTM brews nice beer in town and has a good spread of beers and drinks something which I am sure stands out in town.

We reached the Brew around 5.30pm on a Friday and the place was slowly coming to life with a few customers walking in. We had tables reserved as we were in total around 12.

We asked for beer smaples (pic above) and were of the surprised that the Stout which was supposedly the strongest, was great to taste but had that strong feeling which was a nice one to start the evening with.

The brews that you get here at OTM are: Belgian Wheat, Stout, Lager, Ale.

Each beer has its distinct taste and flavor which was nice.

Troublemaker with vodka

Desi beer with a difference called Barcorona

Old man’s beard with Old Monk, Baileys Irishcream, StoutBeer, Rum

Veg platter

Square Pizza (Old Fashion) Cherry Tomatoes & Cheese

Overall, at the OTM, the drinks were quite different and innovative and the wonderful food complimented th experience.

Would look forward to my visit to both The Hoppery and OTM Brew sometime very soon.

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