Monsoon Trip to Anantagiri Hills

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A weekend getaway to Anantagiri Hills

Weekend trip to Anantagiri Hills, Vikarabad

Anantagiri Hills is one of the most preferred weekend Getaway.

Due to its proximity to Hyderabad, this is the third time we ended up visiting this beautiful location.

My first trip in 2017 travelogue here: Anantagiri Hills

Things to do

  • Padmanabha Swamy Temple
  • Anantagiri Hills Viewpoint
  • Anantagiri Hills Viewpoint – Nandi Statue, Trail
  • Lovely Greenery walks behind the temple
  • You can also go to Kotpalli Reservoir for Kayaking, rates are nominal and you would definitely enjoy

What to Carry

  • Snacks
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Rain cover, umbrella if you are traveling in monsoons

Where to eat

  • Anantagiri Hills has few options for lunch.
  • You can head over to Haritha Hotel by Telangana Tourism or a Dhaba on the way to Hyderabad via Anantagiri down road passing by Haritha Hotel.
  • Food options would be decent and limited.

Our Trip

With the alarms buzzing around 04:50, I woke up to send messages to all that we are meeting at 06:00 at ORR Entrance and in no time, we hit the road to reach our starting point.

We reached around 06:10 and had all of our guys coming in and we started our journey towards Anantagiri Hills.

Taking the service lane, we took the route from Gandipet onto Vikarabad, the roads were good until the road branching out to Nawabpet.

As we moved on, we were greeted by a road full of potholes. Potholes big enough to send jitters to even an SUV.

We had a colleague who had a tyre burst and we with some guidance from the locals, got it back to Nawabpet and asked for tyre replacement as we moved further and with a request to get it done by noon.

We then continued to take a left and move towards Vikarabad and had a stop for Breakfast at the signal, this turns out to be the place we are stopping on each of our trip for breakfast.

Post our breakfast and chai, we then moved on to our first point Anantagiri View Point, after spending sometime here, we went on some nature trails and explored the area which we have not been to before.

After some nice time and lovely clicks we then proceeded to the Nandi Statue which is another view point in Anantagiri.

A few of us stayed back here while a few went on another trail towards the hills.

Nandi Statue at Anantagiri Hills

Nandi Statue at Anantagiri Hills

Having spent around 45 minutes at this beautiful destination, we then started back towards the Anantha Padbhanabha Swamy Temple. The temple offers some peaceful moments which was constructed by a Nizami Nawab.

Anantha Padbhanabha Swamy Temple
Anantha Padbhanabha Swamy Temple, Anantagiri Hills

Having visited the temple, it was around 12:30 hrs and time for us to head back to Hyderabad as this was a half day trip.

This was a fund moment starting early in the morning and enjoying nature before the crowd kicks in.

Few clicks from latest trip

A trail in Anantagiri Hills

A trail which otherwise is a small stream and leading to greener pastures

Nature Trails Anantagiri Hills
A nature trail for short hikes at Anantagiri Hills
Clouds play hide n seek at Anantagiri Hills
Clouds play hide n seek at Anantagiri Hills
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A trail leading from the Anantagiri Hills Viewpoint
Our group heading to Anantagiri Hills
Our group heading to Anantagiri Hills
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Checklist for Monsoon Drives

Monsoon drives can be more fun if you look at the below precautions to make your road-trips stress free and fun.

  • Vehicle documents
  • Engine oil
  • Wheel Balancing (if required)
  • Air in tyres
  • Spare tyre condition
  • Wiper condition
  • Water level in viper outlet
  • Toolkit for changing tyre
  • Cloth (1 piece to clean car if necessary)
  • Few newspapers for windscreen cleaning if required

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Until my next blog-post, this is Srikanth signing off for now.

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