Mysterious Island – Nagarjuna Sagar Backwaters

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Vizag Colony, Mysterious Island – Nagarjuna Sagar Backwaters, Telangana

This was last weekend when had the opportunity to #Travel with friends to the backwaters of Nagarjuna Sagar Dam in the state of Telangana, India. The reason why this is a special trip is due to the untouched landscapes, backwaters, remote location and most importantly without your signals working, time to spend with the nature is something we should explore and enjoy on a few occasions.

The backwaters is located in VizagColony (sounds familiar) however, this is not Vizag in Andhra Pradesh but is a colony established by workers from Andhra who migrated to Telangana to work in the construction of Nagarjuna Sagar Dam and have made this their place their home.

About the Journey:

The Plan started a few weeks back and then we met at 1200 Hrs at the Nagarjuna Sagar exit of the ORR and waited for a few friends to come down from India Drive and started on our journey at around 1300 Hrs.

As luck would have it, felt a nail get into the car front tyre and got it checked, luckily it did not get in deep and was just hanging in there.

Met with the friends and continued on the journey, we were running a tad late on the timing of the journey, nevertheless, stopped for lunch en-route at Kaveri Family Dhaba near Chintapally on the Sagar Road, ordered Biryani and fried rice, service was super late which was adding to the anxious moments of the group to reach the destination faster before sunset.

We finally started on our journey forward to VizagColony and reached the place around 1645 hrs. Very small village and we were actually looking at how a beautiful village and the people can be by interacting with them, very helpful and were all with suggestions and recommendations of the places around.

The residents of VizagColony predominantly is the fisherman community and as stated earlier have contributed in their families towards the building of Nagarjuna Sagar Dam.

Nagarjuna Sagar Dam (Source: Wikipedia)

Having reached VizagColony, we stretched a bit after our travel from Hyderabad, unloaded the luggage from our cars and set towards the boats to load them in.

We set sail to the “Mysterious Island” which does not have a name yet and is one of the cluster of islands in the Nagarjuna Sagar Backwaters.

Journey time to the island was ~15 mins one way.

My son asking me: Dad, can i take this boat into the waters please….

We waited for the second round of the boat to come back as we started our exploration of the place.

Once, all our friends reached the Island, the time was around 1815 hrs and it was starting to get dark..

And guess what, we had a trek of 1.5 kms uphill, with no clear pathway to go on, the sky pitch dark, route to be made by us as we walk forward, clearing the thorny bushes, cannot switch-on the lights as the flies and insects were getting attracted to light….

I need to mention the efforts of Gowtham and Sagar who pioneered in helping with the trip, navigating the trek path and helping us all to move forward, and in ensuring we have a great time together.

Camping under the sky

We reached our camping site around 2000 hrs and were fully exhausted, tired, and could not get the energy to do anything more.

We just lay flat on the rocks and the sight we were in for, mesmerized us and took away all the tiring experience in the trek, what we saw was a well lit sky with stars abundant which we otherwise do not get to see in the cities we come from.

A few of us brought some utensils, Maggi packets and relished the late evening with some piping hot Maggi.

Finally reviving our energy back very soon and we pitched our tents for the night stay, had some food which we got packed from Kaveri (Chintapally) and set out to meet all Friends to start our Astro session/ Star Gazing.

I should actually take mention of one person who is a pro and an expert at this: Dhiraj, any time of the day he has wonderful knowledge of galaxies, constellations, stars… you name it you have him talk about it…

We had a wonderful session and retired for the day after an exhaustive day driving, trekking, setting up our camp.

We woke up early in the morning to a pleasant sunrise, birds chirping, fishermen early into the Nagarjuna Sagar (Krishna River) to fish for the day.

Sunrise on a beautiful morning

After witnessing a wonderful sunrise, we started with removing our tents and packing them back. Then once our luggage was packed, we set back on the trek downhill to reach the point where our boat was waiting for us to come back.

We reached the boat and set sail to Vizagcolony to reach the place around 0900 hrs and after exchanging greetings, set back to Hyderabad.

Here is a complete Road-trip and Boat-trip report on Youtube: If you like the video, do subscribe to the channel.

Route & Finer Details:

The best route is via Hyderabad ORR – Adibhatla – Bonguluru Exit – Kurmapally – Devarakonda – Pedda Mungal – Paavuralagutta – VizagColony

Some precautions to be kept in mind for Camping:

  1. Carry
    1. Enough water (from experience as trek is involved 3-4 ltrs per person should suffice)
    2. Mosquito Repellents
    3. Enough food & snacksCheck your car engine, tyres, fuel levels etc
  2. Do not forget your camera, telescope if you are a star gazer
  3. Carry camp lighting / Havell’s Torch cum camp lantern
  4. Do not use light in open as this attracts insects and might become a major challenge
  5. Wear full sleeves and comfortable clothing so as to be safe from mosquito bites

And finally, enjoy the delays, the weather, the location while capturing a few memories to take back.

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Until, my next blog post, here is Srikanth’s Traveldiaries Signing Off…

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