Roadtrip to Hamsaladeevi Beach, Andhra Pradesh

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Hamsaladeevi Beach

Planning your trip

I am writing this post after visiting this place at least a couple of times and did not get an opportunity since then.

There are multiple options to reach Hamsaladeevi Beach and would share them below:

By Road:

There are one Highway which would take you to Hamsaladeevi (partially) and a state highway

NH65 (Hyderabad – Vijayawada Highway) The journey time would wary between 6-7 hours depending on traffic conditions on the highway and within Vijayawada city.

NH65 and Hyderabad – Guntur road (mix of highway until Chityal and a state highway road) with a travel time of around 7-9 hours as most part after the diversion is a double lane road

Public Transport:

Vijayawada is widely connected by rail and road and has frequent connections between Hyderabad and Vijayawada. Journey time varies between 5-6 hours until Vijayawada.

You can from Vijayawada take a state transport bus until Avanigadda / Kodur to reach the destination.

From Avanigadda / Kodur, you can take a shared auto which can take you to the wonderful beach destination

Where to Stay

Stay is an area that would be a bit of a dampener for those planning a overnight trip to Hamsaladeevi, a day trip might be a thing to look for if you stay in Vijayawada and could could hit the gas at 0400 hrs in the morning and head over, which is the case as there are not any stay options at Hamsaladeevi or many great places to stay around Avanigadda.

For some good news, you can camp in Hamsaladeevi around the beach, now, would that not be a lovely way to wake up to a lovely sunrise? This would be possible should you want to carry your tents, a few utensils to cook Maggie for the night.

What to Do

Hamsaladeevi Beach
At the Beach, Hamsaladeevi

The Drive itself from Vijayawada offers you breath-taking views and picturesque spots. The total drive time would range anywhere between 1.5 – 2 hours for this stretch of 95 kms.

The route after you cross Vijayawada and get onto the Avanigadda route has fields on one side and river Krishna on the other which is a lovely route to drive on.

Places to visit / look out for: 

  • Hamsaladeevi Beach
  • Confluence of Krishna river into Bay of Bengal
  • Vast fields and greenery
  • Venugopala Swamy Temple

Don’t forget to explore driving on the beach should you have a SUV with you..

The beach out at Hamsaladeevi has some tight sand that allows you to drive your SUV on the beach….
 Marsh land, Hamsaladeevi Beach
Marsh Land, Hamsaladeevi Beach
Fishing Boats, Hamsaladeevi Beach
Fishing Boats in the Backwaters of Hamsaladeevi beach
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Paddy fields along the Avanigadda – Vijayawada route which has such lovely views, see the different shades around..

On your way back

Do not forget to stop at one of the villages to have farm fresh bananas and papaya pieces which are sold on the Avanigadda – Vijayawada road. They offer some of the best quality for a very low cost..

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Hamsaladeevi Beach, Andhra Pradesh

6 responses to “Roadtrip to Hamsaladeevi Beach, Andhra Pradesh”

  1. Reading posts like yours really inspire me to go on a roadtrip. Often road trip planning can be a real problem for some people, but trust me, once you are there, you will have a wonderful time. I can definitely tell that your Hamsaladeevi beach trip was a blast 🙂

    • Yes Jenny, Roadtrips are super…. I can say that from my experiences in Spiti or Ladakh or even South India trip that I have done in 2017/18…. You just need to plan everything and hit the road to enjoy…
      There are lot of roadtripping startups coming up and they help you plan your itinerary as well.. for me I enjoy planning my own trips and pit-stops…

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