Planing A Staycation At Westin Just Got Easy! Read My Experience To Plan Yours!

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Westin Staycation during COVID times

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COVID pandemic and lock-down has been a tough situation for all of us and the last weekend saw us go for a small staycation at Westin in Hyderabad.

Most of us would be wondering of the precautions and safety when venturing out and we had the same doubts in mind as we stepped into Westin and here is a first hand experience of ours on how the experience was and what to expect.

COVID situation in Telangana is improving with the recovery getting better and people are venturing out to explore. Few of the diligent wearing masks, carrying hand sanitizers and maintaining social distancing while a few leaving it to docks!

Telangana has seen a reduction in FATAL COVID cases and the restrictions are relaxed in accordance with Unlock 4.0

Satycation Precautions at Westin, Hyderabad

Coming to the Staycation, as you enter the Westin property, you are subjected to your details being noted, temperature check and hand sanitizing at the entrance.

You then step in to the reception desk to fill in self-declaring forms and health questionnaire which is mandatory in addition to the Arogyasetu App.

Reception and Common Areas

The reception desks are having high fiber glass partitions to avoid human contact and are frequently sanitized and not more than one person is allowed at the counter.

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Reception area at Westin

Now moving to the lift lobby, there are sanitizer bottles and tissues placed and as many would know, the lifts are key card enabled to take you to the floor, you could use the sanitizer after touching the lift buttons.

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Sanitizer options inside the lift at Westin
Westin Architecture
Westin Architecture, copyright @travelwithsrikanth

Only two persons are allowed in the lift at any given point in time

Lift precautions during COVID times at Westin Hyderabad

Staycation Experience

Once you reach your room, the room is sanitized and kept ready for you in advance and we didnot see or face any challenge.

Westin Staycation Deluxe Room
Deluxe room, Westin Copyright @travelwithsrikanth

As a precaution, you could carry any of the sanitizer sprays sold by Savlon or Dettol for extra precaution to be sprayed in the room.

Sanitation Spray for being extra cautious

The room we stayed in overlooked the Raheja IT park and the IT buildings towards Maximus and the view was nice on the 22nd floor.

View from Westin
View from 22nd Floor, Copyright @travelwithsrikanth

One disappointment was a bunch of unruly guests staying in the room beside us who were enjoying to the core with loud shouts (courtesy IPL match) till around 2:00 am, was unable to even close my eyes and sleep.

Sat at the large glass window to soak in the beautiful city that I have grown up in.

Now coming to the most important aspect (atleast my favorite at Westin) and by far the best I could witness in Hyderabad… Dining!

Dining Options

At present, only two restaurants are open for service at Westin. Season Tastes and Daily Treats.

Salad counter at Seasonal Tastes , Westin
Salad counter at Westin, Hyderabad

Both these restaurants are open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Seasonal Tastes is back with its wonderful lavish spread and offers high level of hygiene and safety to a large extent.

The Restaurant has Westin staff manning the buffet section to serve directly to the customers so there could be minimal contact of all customers with the dishes which is well thought out.

Starters do come to the table and so do breakfast items. You may need to follow social distancing and go to the counters to check for main-course.

The reason I mentioned largely safe and hygienic is because, a few unaware or reckless (hope I am polite enough) customers like to pass the barriers placed and serve themselves.

The staff was courteous enough to request them to stand at a distance so they could have an opportunity to serve them lip-smacking food right to their plate.

Final Comments

While I did stay with my wife on this stay, we left the kid at home though we did enjoy Westin food at home on multiple occasions to be very sure to experience the safety aspect before bringing out the kid another time.

I would strongly recommend readers to ensure you weigh the pro’s and con’s before planning any trips and also your comfort levels while being outside in a mask and a sanitizer as your weapon.

Staycation and Work-cations are gaining popularity, however, I would recommend that you do a good amount of research before planning to go out of your comfort “Home” to any of the hotels or different cities.

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24 responses to “Planing A Staycation At Westin Just Got Easy! Read My Experience To Plan Yours!”

  1. Nice tips for staycation…hopefully the pandemic will be in control couple of months down the line and we will return to a more normal travel soon…

  2. Nice tips for a happy staycation…I am sure the pandemic will be in control a couple of months down the line and we can all venture out more safely…

  3. The Westin hotel in Sohna, near Delhi is a favourite of my family. However, I have not ventured for any sort of leisue travel at all since the pandemic began. Hopefully soon!

  4. Westin is a great hospitality brand, we have one closer to home and spend a staycation a couple of years ago. The Hyderabad one looks great too, you have reviewed it so well.

  5. This looks quite comfortable and well prepared for the current situation. Sanitzers at all level is the best key to safety while they serve lip smacking food along with good hospitality. As correctly said, people should research before they go out and enjoy a staycation.

  6. Such wonderfully detailed reviews. I read the Ubud post. However I couldn’t comment on it. I’ll be using it as a reference for my Bali trip because it covers everything 😁

  7. Staycations are the best way to enjoy some relaxed time with our family. Westin seems to be a good choice and offers great hospitality.

  8. Hyderabad is my all time favorite , I have such beautiful memories and reading your post has refreshed them all. Thanks for sharing the review , will try Westin next time I visit Hyderabad.

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