Trip to Maldives

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Photolog of my #Maldives Trip in 2011…

This was in 2011 when we planned a trip to Maldives.

After scouting for locations, support from relatives and more importantly my better half , Maldives was shortlisted.

Maldives is a lovely islands together which are a wonderful getaway, a bit costly but offers lovely beaches, exotic beach resorts, flora n fauna.

This is one Island that one should visit before it gets submerged in water.

Now coming to my Maldives trip, here goes the story.

It was in those early years of my new i10 car which I was still skeptical to drive over flyovers, on the morning to catch the flight, I asked my driver to sit in the back as my and the queen took the front seats.

We drove via Ameerpet – Lakdikapul – Masabtank – PV Narsimha Rao Expressway which is an elevated flyover connecting to very close near Shamshabad.

Reached Airport in time and realising it’s not that tough to drive over flyovers 😀

We started from Hyderabad – Bengaluru to catch our flight to Male, the capital of Maldives.

It was a wonderful journey on Air India and went without any challenges.

We reached Male and the hotel had a welcome desk at the Arrivals where we were received and started our speed boat trip to the Island.

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Landing in Maldives, Male Airport

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On our way in a speedboat to the Sheraton Full Moon Resort

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The Resort where we have stayed

We had a lovely stay at Sheraton which was memorable that I still remember the Dalmakhni and Rice which the Chef specially prepared for us.

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Clear waters which were a feast to the eyes

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Bar all stocked up

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Walkway from our room to the beach

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Arrangements for the candle lit dinner

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Beach view cafe

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Open bath area in the resort

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View from the cottage

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We stayed at Sheraton for 4D/3N and the stay has been amazing with ocean facing cottage.

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Boats docked

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Breathtaking view of the islands and clear water from our flight back to India.

Overall, a wonderful Island country perfect for honeymooners and a great place that might need to be added to your “Should not be missed” list due to the sea levels and the beauty it offers.

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