Koheda Hanuman Temple – Hyderabad Family Outing Series 4


Koheda Gutta Introduction

Koheda Gutta Hanuman Temple is a weekend destination that you could plan a family weekend picnic to.

Koheda is known for its elevation on a small hill rock area overlooking the ORR (Outer Ring Road) in Hyderabad.

The place has on offer basic rock climbing along with open space near the temple for having a picnic.

Ranganayaka Sagar Reservoir

How to get to Koheda

Koheda is close to the ORR exit at Pedda Amberpet and if you live closer to ORR, this is best route to take.

Once you get down the ORR, take the service road after taking a U-turn towards Hyderabad once you cross the ORR flyover (towards Hyderabad)

img 1728 original
View from Koheda

What to do

Not many options are available to explore other than the wonderful hilly terrain which you can trek and relax with the ORR view.

Hanuman temple is very peaceful as well along the statue is pleasant.

For picnic, do carry a carpet and your favourite home cooked items and don’t forget carrying water.

You can setup your picnic spot if large groups below the car park area else if small groups, you can plan closer to the radio tower.

Hanuman Statue, Koheda by ExplorebyRoad
Hanuman statue outside the temple , Koheda

Best time to visit

Ideal time would be in the early morning / evenings to catch a glimpse of sunrise / sunset with ORR view.

Drone view of Koheda & ORR

Koheda Gutta – ORR Viewpoint

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7 responses to “Koheda Hanuman Temple – Hyderabad Family Outing Series 4”

  1. I’ve seen a lot of photos from this place but never knew where it was and how to get there. I thought there was some trek or something, surely looks like a fun place to spend time with family.

    • Not a trek but rock climbing to an extent Atul… is a wonderful experience and we have to be careful not to hurt ourselves while climbing… you would be greeted with wonderful views of ORR and on a clear day a beautiful sunset in the evening

  2. Thanks for visiting my website and following me on social media. I look forward to reading and seeing more from you as my knowledge of India is pretty limited outside of some knowledge on Hinduism and, more so, Buddhism.

  3. It looks as though you can see the view of the surrounding area for miles from the top of the hill. I can understand why sunrise/sunset would be a great time to visit.

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